Citistream Communications
A Telecom Service Provider

We Switch Millions Of Calls Per Day

We focus on providing High Capacity Port Switching for Voice Services


Citistream offers a high capacity Voice Switching platform

Voice Termination Services

Citistream helps customers by terminating interstate and intrastate wholesale long distance calls across the world. We offer hand-offs via SIP or TDM trunks; Customers who operate a legacy circuit-switched network or a next-generation SIP network, can easily route calls to Citistream for reliable and quality termination of your traffic.

Our voice termination products are used by some of the largest carriers and customers in the world to improve call voice quality and lower the costs of calls. Our Voice platform delivers carrier-grade quality of service with exceptional reliability and scalability.  

In addition, Citistream specializes in providing services to non-traditional communication companies similar to Vonage, Skype, etc.

We offer Local Transit to International Voice

Citistream provides innovative voice services.

We offer terminating and originating access that supports millions of calls each day. Our Access Homing Tandem and Gateway Tandem Services have among the largest ports capacity within the industry. This high capacity switching platform ensures no dropped calls are experienced by customers.

We established our strong market presence by creating a competitive tandem network which offers dedicated high capacity port switching facilities. Our switching platform is used by the largest carriers, long distance to cable companies, CLECs, enterprises, cloud based IVR, social media and telemarketing firms within the U.S and around the world. We terminate calls that originate around the world.

Our voice services include streamlined SIP interconnection for domestic and international long distance traffic. Our network interconnects to one of the largest PSTN tandem switching facilities.  

Local Transit Service

We changed the traditional switching network by providing a neutral, cost-effective way for competitive carriers to route local traffic to one another. We launched our neutral local transit service in 2008 and changed the telecommunication market place.
We’re an experienced local transit provider for carriers, enterprises and telemarketing customers. All major national carriers, CLECs, telemarketing firms utilize our services. Each month, our customers trust us to complete million of calls.  

Toll Free Services - 1+ 8YY Services

Citistream has the reliability and scalability to successfully route and complete million of toll-free calls per day. Regardless of whether you’re a carrier, enterprise or telemarketing firm, you will achieve superior call completion with quality of service. Our toll free service is priced at the most competitive rates in the industry.

Citistream helps customers route toll-free traffic originating from your end-users to the appropriate customer networks. By routing 8YY traffic over Citistream switching facilities, customers realize lower terminating and network transport expenses.

Access Homing Tandem Services

Citistream’s Access Homing Tandem allows 1+ long distance and toll-free calls to route to Citistream instead of the ILEC’s equal access tandem. Our neutral platform is focused on supporting carriers by more efficiently and cost effectively routing local, long distance and international traffic.

Gateway Access Tandem Service Gives Customers New Markets, Without a New Network

Citistream's Gateway Access Tandem Services opens a new world for the PSTN. Citistream reduces the need to deploy switch resources and expand a network every time you want to serve a new market.

By leveraging the Citistream network, you save on every minute of traffic with premium call quality with direct connections.

International Voice Traffic

We ensure access to the most extensive and efficient U.S. tandem network, helping international carriers, and service providers to reduce costs and increase revenues. Through our international partners we can terminate any call around the world.

 Global IP Transit Connectivity

Citistream IP Transit provides high-capacity voice services spanning North America, Asia and Europe.

Citistream IP Transit provides efficient and effective high-bandwidth connectivity for competitive carriers, international telcos, mobile operators, content providers, large enterprises, telemarketing firms.

Specialize in High Capacity
Switching Services for:

  • Voice Termination
  • Inbound / Outbound Switching
  • Local Transit to International Voice
  • Domestic Toll-Free Services
  • Global Toll-Free Services
  • Access Homing Tandem Services
  • Global IP Transit Connectivity

Typical users of our services:

  • Domestic Carriers / Global Telcos
  • Telemarketing / Contact Centers
  • Enterprise / Large Businesses
  • Social Media Providers
  • Media Companies
  • IOC, Wireless Operators
  • ISPs / ASP / CLEC
  • VOIP Providers
  • Cloud Based Service Providers
  • Financial Transactions
  • Institutions / Governments
  • Data-Centers / BPO
  • 214 International Carriers
  • Cloud Based IVR Providers
  • Any high traffic call volume customers
  • Customers with large port capacity needs
  • Calling Card Services
  • Etc.
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Our services are used by Carriers, Social Media, Telemarketing, Contact Centers, Cloud based providers located around the world.

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